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Owning a local business is completely different than a tech startup eCommerce store you are always hearing about, as you well know. We face unique difficulties and opportunities that you simply won't find in another type of business.

Inside our community, you can connect on a meaningful level with other amazing, like-minded entrepreneurs. You'll gain the knowledge and connections you need to grow your business AND earn a great living...without working 12 hour days anymore. 

Welcome to your new favorite hangout!
Why join a community?
Let’s face it - most of us, whether you own a cleaning, painting or lawn care business...are burnt out. You're trying to do everything yourself and still not growing in the process. You think you are playing it safe by doing what you've always done. You're not.
We know you are different. The traditionally owned business isn't equipped to deal with growing in 2018. It's a whole new ballgame online.

To spend more time with family and your community you know you can't be working 12 hour days anymore and have to get out once in a while. 

But as you may already know, trying to do this on your own is next to impossible. Surrounding yourself with others is not only the key to success, but also a helluva lot more fun!

This is an inspiring, friendly and supportive community of 6 & 7 figure business owners here and ready to help.
We are honored and excited that you decided to check out Local Business Hustlers. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you get when you join:
An Amazing, Supportive Community Right In Your Pocket!
You don’t have to do this alone anymore! Get 24/7 access to our incredible community.
  • Build meaningful connections. Easily meet with other members all over the world and get help when you need it.
  •  Collaborate. Post updates, browse topics, share articles and create groups to so you can meet others with similar interests, find collaborators and grow together.
  •  Instant updates. Push notifications keep you in the loop on upcoming events, real time chats and more.
Access to ALL Members-Only Secrets 
Finally, you’ll have REAL support, help, and advice from experts so you can get unstuck and go to the next level in business and life.
  • Incredible Peer Support Group. When you join LBH, you’ll be invited to join special challenges designed so you can focus only on the material that truly matters to your business. You'll also have full access to all our members who are going through exactly what you are and are just as determined as you.
  •  Exclusive Expert Events (value $499/month). You’re invited to exclusive monthly events including; guest Expert Workshops, Accountability Calls and Ask Me Anythings (AMA) with Chris, and live interviews with our members. You'll learn new skills, get genuine accountability, and connect so you can keep pushing forward with your goals. We'll deep dive into topics including: dominating small marketing channels, automating customer follow-up, and unconventional hiring tactics.
  •  Access to exclusive templates, strategies and services (value $499 ). Get access to many of the exact templates, scripts and strategies used to grow dozens of 6 & 7 figure businesses. Thumbtack templates, Cold Calling strategies, #1 ranking landing pages and exact emails we use are just a taste of what's inside. Honestly, just the Thumbtack templates have made us over $200,000 but if we put some huge value $$$$$ you wouldn't believe us. 
Access Thousands of Dollars Worth of Expert Teaching (For All Levels)
There are a lot of super expensive online business groups and courses out there. Instead of charging thousands of dollars, we want to provide top-notch expert strategies AND community support all for one low monthly, no-brainer price.
  •  Monthly Case Studies – Every month we'll be bringing on true experts in their niche to share their strategies with you.
  •  Access to our local biz stash (value $1497). We had originally intended to sell our stash at $1497 but are giving it away FREE in the community. It is a collection of our strategies & templates we used to grow 6 & 7 figure local businesses, so it’s a virtual goldmine of information you get access to.
  •  Brand New Content. The training never stops! We'll continue to add new challenges designed to truly grow your business, as well as work together on your business to take it to the next level. 
Join A Tribe Of High Achievers
On A Mission To Transform Ourselves, Our Business...And Our Communities
  • Go to virtual meetups around the world. Join a group of local business owners who aren't just tied to their city or town...but to each other around the world. We'll be sharing all with each other and are actually dedicated to growing your business. 
  •  Start Your Own. It's totally OK if you're a new business owner or thinking about starting one. This is a highly exclusive community of accomplished business owners, so you can skip the fluff and scams you'd normally have to go through and get to the real gold of starting your own business.  
  •  Get access to genuine 6 & 7 figure local business owners. We know how tough it can be to find a mentor or someone who's done exactly what you want to do..that's why we've created this community for you. Think of us as a community of big entrepreneur brothers who want to make sure you get to where you're going the right way. 
Curated Content In a Safe Space
  • Remote Work and Collaboration Opportunities Abound. People hire people they trust. That’s why Location Indies seem to collaborate constantly. Our internal job board makes it easy find new opportunities or post for help. Through the network, you can find your next (or first) collaborator, business partner, travel buddy, or even best buddy. We’ve seen it all!
  •  Curated Newsletter. Each week we send out an epic Members-Only Newsletter sharing key posts in our network, remote job opportunities, community happenings, helpful resources, and more. This alone makes LI worth the price of admission! 
  •  A Safe Space. We’re all here to help each other out and provide value without judgment. We’ve seen members organize events to share their knowledge and even practice their workshops, webinars, and trainings with other members to get feedback and advice before going live. The opportunities to collaborate, connect and grow are endless.
Have you noticed that the people who “make it” all seem to know a lot of other successful people living their ideal lifestyle?
That’s no accident. They make it a point to get to know each other!
When you surround yourself with other motivated, like-minded people pursuing similar goals, you’ll get the encouragement and help you need in real time while building new friendships and an incredible network to boot.
All of this is incredible, but the best part about our little corner of the internet is the people in this community. It’s hard to explain in words how having access to this epic community can change your life forever. It’s something you have to experience for yourself.
If you are tired of sitting on the sidelines or waiting for the perfect time to start working on that first (or next) idea, then joining a community is the best place to start.
Don’t believe us? Check out the next section to hear what members of our community say.
We look forward to supporting you on your journey and beyond.
Chris Schwab (Founder of Local Business Hustlers & Inova Local)
Let’s Get Real. Who has benefited from WHAT WE SHARE?
Location Business Hustlers are a diverse crowd unified by their drive, dedication, and determination to build their business on their own terms. Their unique world experience and positive attitudes are the bedrock of our community.
We hold each other accountable, give more than we take, and dig in when things get hard. If you want to build a business that’s meaningful for you, this is the community to help you get it done.
Still not sure? Check out the awesome stories from real people who have benefited from what we share.
How we helped Brandon close the $92,000 deal that changed everything
Brandon and his wife started up their business, Hunter Wood Cleaning Services, last year. They both work full time jobs but were able to grow the business to a point where they felt bringing on a virtual assistant was the next logical move. Through the VA service we offer inside the community Bridgette joined the team. Originally they needed Bridgette to answer calls and handle smaller day to day tasks while they worked.
After a few months of learning the business Bridgette answered a call from a potential customer. After answering their questions and learning more about them she pitched them on commercial cleaning services. Bridgette being as awesome as she is, the customer couldn't say no. Just like that they signed a $92,000 deal allowing Brandon and his wife to quit their day jobs and focus on the business full time. 
Can You Run Your Company in Just 15 Minutes a Day?
Neal originally came to us once his business got to a point where he decided the best next step was to learn how to automate and delegate in his business. Through the community Neal was able to learn exactly how to do that and went from working 8-10 hour days in the just 15 minutes a day. And they have grown significantly since then. He figured out that the key to growing was to stop acting like a manager in your own business, and start acting like a CEO.
The Business That Started It All
This is my personal business. I started Think Maids in mid 2016. After learning the ins and outs of the business I was continuing to grow and take on more customers. As I learned I continued to share in various communities and groups around the internet, helping others just as I was helped by those who came before me. Since starting it we have grown to over half a million in revenue, been featured in TIME magazine, The Penny Hoarder and Side Hustle School. My mission is no longer just to grow Think Maids, but to share exactly how I grow it with everyone on the inside. No clickbait posts or teasers. Just real templates, strategies and battle-tested hustle. 
Here's The Kind Of Life-Changing Stuff We're Talking About
“Okay. The fact I just cried hearing you talk about the struggle of entrepreneurship tells me I need help."
– Jolene, current client of ours
“Thank you Chris, if it wasn't for you I don't think I would have quit my day job and gone full time with my cleaning business."
– Brandon Wood
We asked, the community answered!
What did people say was the best thing (or things) they’ve done since becoming a member of Local Business Hustlers?
(Note: Some refer to VAs as we provide that as a service as well, sorry for any confusion there!)
Seriously, you’re still thinking about this? 😉
Here are some FAQ’s that will help.
What types of local businesses will this work for?
Any. The core concepts and fundamentals behind running a local business are 90% the same. These same models and tactics have worked for cleaning, painting, lawn care, window cleaning, roofing, plumbing and a dozen other local business niches. 
Do you offer Lifetime Memberships?
At the moment, no, we only offer recurring monthly memberships so it’s affordable for everyone.
How much does it cost?
We offer monthly memberships at $97/month. That’s just a couple dollars a day. We wanted to make the pricing a no-brainer so anybody who wants to join this community, connect with others and take their local business to the next level can easily afford it.
Can I join and quit after a month if I don’t like it?
Technically yes, but it takes time to get to know people, including you! Ours is a friendly, tight-knit community and when people come and go it makes it hard to connect. Plus, if you are committed to building or growing your local business it takes more than a month and we want to see you reach all your goals. We hope you don’t plan on leaving after a month because it won’t help you or the community.
What if I need to cancel my membership?
We hate it when companies make cancelling so freakin’ hard. You can simply send us an email with the subject ‘Cancel.’ and the reason why. That’s it! Your membership starts on the day you join. Once your current billing cycle expires you won’t be billed starting the following billing cycle. You can email us at:
I don’t have a business yet and have no ideas (or too many)? Can I join?
Having your own business is NOT a requirement. For example, some members freelance or still have full-time jobs. That being said, many Hustlers already do have their own successful businesses inside at all different stages. 
Many members start without a clue about what to do. We have plenty of resources to help gain clarity on your business and to go from zero to a million in revenue. 
I have a successful business and want to scale it and connect with other successful business owners…is this right for me?
We have members running six and seven figure businesses. Many current business owners utilize the community to form higher level strategies and mastermind sessions to grow their businesses to crazy scales. 
What will a Local Business Hustlers membership get me?
It’s all listed out above, but to recap, you’ll get: access to our private social network, challenges designed to grow your business, live Q&A sessions each month with experts in local business, monthly online hangouts with the members and founders, exclusive training, exclusive templates/strategies, and that's all for just $67/mo UNTIL launch evening, then it goes up to $97.
Don’t forget, you’ll also have immediate access to a TON of resources including all of the past Members-Only Webinars, Expert Q&A’s, actionable forum posts, and other exclusive content. 
Is this one of those courses that teaches me online business?
This is a community, not just an online course. Yes, you’ll have access to members-only trainings and resources in a variety of formats- written, audio, and video, along with our templates – that will help you scale from zero to 6 figures and beyond. But instead of passively learning, you’ll also be participating in a living, growing, and engaging community where you’ll be able to interact with people who are out there doing it and not just talking about it.
I know nothing about technology. How hard is it for me use this community?
Super easy. We even have a mobile app coming out for the community soon to make the experience seamless.
How often will membership be offered to Local Business Hustlers?
Membership is offered on a limited basis. We are building this community slowly by choice. We want to get to know you and give you a chance to meet others in the community. This ensures that we can give you an incredible amount of attention.
What happens after I sign up?
You’ll receive a welcome email with everything you need then will be invited to join the community. We will have a chat and learn more about you in order to help you find the best resources in the community so you can get started right away. You’ll also be invited to participate in our Quality over Quantity challenge– a whole week of challenges to get you setup and working only on the most actionable steps for your business. 
Do you have any other questions? I could have sworn we answered them all! Anyway, if we missed something then please email me personally at and I’ll help you out.
So, what are you waiting for?!
It’s Go Time!
I know how confusing it can be to start and run a local business - especially when the whole game is changing rapidly. You can’t do it alone.

Local Business Hustlers is filled with amazing people taking action and making s#*t happen and I’d love for you to be one of them

I look forward to seeing you on the inside!
Let’s keep in touch, whaddya’ say?
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